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          Traffic safety cones only work when something keeps people from walking between them.ConeTopper does just that.
          Traffic safety cones only work when something keeps people from walking between them.ConeTopper does just that.
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          Welcome to
          Orange traffic cone top hat and ribbon all to make conetopper safety cone Logo
          ConeTopper safety cone Orange traffic cone welcome
                                           ConeTopper when used
          • Secures anything, that fits in the arch, better to cones then sticks or duct tape.
          • Eliminates the need for finding sticks or duct tape to hold the ribbon to a cone.
          • Defines the hazard zone better, being able to make custom layouts in moments.
          • Reduces frustration of finding a place to attach a ribbon to (a fence or bush).
          • Reduces the waist produced at a given job site by reusing the ribbon.
          • Reduces costs by saving time in set-up and ribbon costs.
          Picture of ConeTopper, works in anysize Orange traffic cone for safety the cone topper
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          One Use of ConeTopper.
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          Why Use ConeTopper
          Signs and Covers
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          This allows a Ribbon, Rope, Light Cain or sign to be secured to, and
          strung between cones, without loosing the Convenience of cones.
          This is ConeTopper
          ConeTopper is a small flat flexible device that is inserted into the
          top of a traffic safety cone to form an arch.